-Erykah Badu, Artist   
"My sister ChinahBlac is so elegant & sincere in her gestures & words. She's in a lane all her own. She's new to this but she ain't new to this. Trust."                                                                                                                                                                                  

- Dj Jazzy Jeff, Producer  
"A classic vintage Artist, still ahead of her time. When we worked together she had the record written and arranged before I finished the track! Chinah finished the song 2 hours later I knew I had to have her on my record !!"

"ChinahBlac's soaring soprano can evoke the pain and passion of Chaka Khan or Janis Joplin, but her beats are nowhere in yesteryear. This Newark-born opera-trained chanteuse is a very unique and soulful fire child!"

- Jill Scott, Artist/Actress   
"Lil Chaka!!!!"

- NE-YO, Artist   
" I knew she had my back vocally without knowing her name"

-Musiq Soulchild, Artist   
"Intense, aggressively soulful, without the candles and incense, different but still accessible, completely funky fasho.."   
“The vocal powerhouse who’s backed everyone from the Dave Matthews Band to Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, and made appearances on albums from Bilal, Lauryn Hill, Jazzy Jeff and more proves why she’s so sought after.”

- LMicheal Gibson, Journalist   
“An accomplished vocal stylist with distinct jazz and blues phrasing. ChinahBlac's tremendous voice and material is darker and grittily down to earth.”

-Micheal Browne, Radio One   
"Vocally, Chinah is a BEAST!!! There is no one in the game that sings the way she does. Real Talk!!!!"